Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obama to Seek Ban on Fissile Materials (Really)

How exactly do you counteract the news media when their crowned intellectual heads spew forth such empty drivel as this:

"If you've never been to an Obama rally before, a word of advice, go early. Think Springsteen concerts, but the tickets are free. First come, first serve. In Boise, Idaho, a few weeks back it couldn't have been more than 15 degrees out. But outside Taco Bell Arena early on a Saturday morning, everyone waited patiently because inside---inside, they felt the warm glow of hope." ---ABC's David Wright

Obama is the same guy who just announced his desire to seek a production ban of all fissile material on Earth.

Maybe the little propeller on his head will be enough to power our electrical needs into the next century. Short of that, I'm afraid, Mr. Obama's empty head sits there atop his attractive and hopeful broad shoulders for no apparent reason.

And that warm glow of hope? It had better be able to produce a few million megawatts of power because without it (and the fissile materials) I'm afraid we're all just going to freeze to death whether or not we ever make it inside the 15 degree Taco Bell.

Jeff Goldstein has his analysis at Protein Wisdom.

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Publius said...

Absolutely. Fissile material, Uranium 235 or 233 or Plutonium- 239 are needed for nuclear power. U-235 must be enriched (produced) from natural ore. U-233 must be produced from Thorium and Pu -239 must be produced from natural U-238. I HOPE his speech indicated his great ignorance and not his true intent. Coal and nuclear generate almost all of our electrcity with hydro-electric filling in most of the rest. Greens are attacking all three.