Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nader In Again -- Everyone but Obama Yawns

Ralph Nader is in again. Which, while not a major story, is not good news for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton (should she be able to eke out the nomination ahead of the messiah.)

Obama, if any record is established at all, is one of purely liberal causes and sympathies. Therefore the glaring differences that might be noticed between a more mainstream candidate and Nader will not be as apparent in an Obama vs. Nader slug fest.

It is safe to say, however, that not one voter truly supporting John McCain will cross the great divide to vote for Nader. Therefore Nader's only impact on this election will be hurtful to Obama.

What kind of numbers are we talking here and are the prospects for the elderly litigator candidate good enough to shave even a single percentage point of support from Obama?

Probably as high as one percent.

In a close election one percent could be everything.

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