Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Capitalism Is The Problem!

And yet this country has not operated in a capitalist bubble for decades. What is today decried as a failure of capitalism is in fact, more reflective of fascism--a system in which state blessed ideology is carried out by industry groups willing to implement those polices for suckle provided by government.

Companies willing to tote the government's line gain greater competitive advantages not only because of money received directly through government grant, but also because their competitors have to hurdle regulations put in place designed to hobble them. Companies and entire industries are allowed to survive despite their inherent inefficiencies even though true free market capitalism would have allowed them to die a quick death without intervention.

So, ethanol stays alive in order to provide a fuel that uses more energy in its manufacturing and transport than it actually produces. Chrysler stays alive (as a free gift to the UAW and Fiat) despite two government bailouts. Duke Energy gets theirs too.

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