Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spreading Jennifer Granholm's Success

It appears as if our esteemed governor, one Canadian born, California raised, east coast educated, and Michigan suffered, has made the short list of potential nominees to fill the slot of soon to retire squishy Supreme Court judge, David Souter.


As is pointed out at Right Michigan, Jennifer Granholm is uniquely qualified for the high bench.

Never mind that Granholm has zero days total experience sitting on any judicial bench- she makes up for her relatively amateurish legal credentials with the sort of resume line item that seems to grab President Obama by the throat and refuses to let go.

What Jennifer Granholm has that every other member of that esteemed list lacks (we assume) is the kind of personal history that the President's other early-term appointments indicate he values the most... serious personal tax problems.
I've opined before on Granholm's many talents some of which have helped launch our fair state into the number one position in the nation when measured by the usage of outgoing moving vans.

How can a person with such heartily documented failure be considered for any job with such important national implications? That is, unless the people considering Granholm for this position are pleased with her performance. Dismal, like beauty, must be solely in the eye of the beholder.

How blind must a person be to overlook such miserable, abject, whole encompassing failure and be satisfied with the results, so satisfied in fact that the main orchestrator of the disaster is considered for an even loftier position?

Then again, perhaps I am looking at this all wrong. Perhaps the goal of those arriving at this short list is to spread Michigan-type success on the rest of the nation like a rat would heartily support a growing expanse of garbage in the yard of a vacant, dilapidated house.

If capitalism and the free market system are to die and if the goal of our current administration is to expand the social state, why not implant some of its major innovators into positions atop the halls of government? In that light, why wouldn't Granholm be among those best qualified for the job, a job able to create conditions wherein people become beholden to and dependent upon the utopian state for survival?

What other motivation makes any sense?

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