Friday, September 30, 2005

My Pick for SCOTUS

I'm in the mood for a fight. Oh, maybe I'm not ready to don the gloves and knock the crap out of Ted Kennedy, but I am in the mood to nuke some popcorn, sip a soda, and watch a real donnybrook. I'm thinking that the confirmation hearings for the next Supreme Court nominee might be exactly what I'm looking for.

Conservatives now control The Executive Branch by winning elections. Conservatives now control the Legislative Branch because we have won the elections. However, liberals control the Judicial Branch because conservative presidents in the past have done a poor job in picking "originalist" nominees for the court.

While liberals seem to revel in the theater of a good political fight, conservatives historically have shied away from shenanigans. However, I think that the tide may be turning. We conservatives might be becoming a little more interesting in our old age.

Ann Coulter made the point after the nomination of John Roberts that, since we rule the roost, there is no point in George W. Bush being shy about nominating a credentialed Conservative Originalist to the Supreme Court. She noted that John Roberts might be a good judge in the end, but why take the chance? This time around, I'm in Ann's corner.

I would be satisfied with a number of nominees that are being bantered about today. Certainly McConnell and Luttig have the credentials, and their nominations might very well bring about some spirited debate. The problem is, while these guys might have the credentials, qualifications and temperament for the high court, will they themselves become part of the confrontation, or will they sit back and let the powers that be take up arms in their defense? I suspect the latter, which is the tack that Roberts took.

Real confirmation battles come when the nominee actually responds to the arrogant pontification spewed by self-important committee members who really are doing nothing more than making sure that their liberal money guns hear them parroting the accepted position.

It is with this in mind that I hope to God that Bush nominates Janice Rogers Brown to replace Sandra Day O'Connor. I want to hear Sens. Biden, Kennedy, Durbin and Leahy lecture Brown, a black, single mother on the importance of civil rights. I want them to tell her that her position is insensitive to those in poverty. I want them to explain to her why she is out of the mainstream.

Then, I want to sit back and listen as she tells them that they are stupid, why they are stupid, how long they have been stupid, and the depth of their stupidity.

Now that will be good television.

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