Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Soccer Ball Sensitivity

The US military has apologized to Muslims trapped in the dark ages for daring to distribute soccer balls to Afghanistani children who love the sport. The soccer balls were distributed, according to spokesman Captain Vanessa Bowman as a

"goodwill humanitarian aid mission ... for the enjoyment of Afghan children."

"We do regret any disturbances caused," she said.
The problem with these soccer balls, aside from the fact that anal retentive Muslims the world over go out of their way to find offense over anything that could be interpreted thusly, is that the balls contain on them numerous flags from many countries. The flag of one country represented, Saudi Arabia, contains the Islamic declaration of faith as well as the names of Allah and Mohammed.

Since soccer balls are kicked, and no good Muslim would ever approve of the kicking of Mohammed or Allah, offense was taken.

More at LGF.

I'm filing this one under "good grief."

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