Tuesday, August 21, 2007

EU Gets Tough For All Of 24 Hours

And here I thought that Barry Sanders had a great cut-back move.

Yesterday the European Union cut off funds aimed to buy fuel to be used to generate electricity in Gaza. It seemed they had tired of having their earmarked aid skimmed by terrorist officials and instead having it used for unintended purposes.

Today they said, 'oh, never mind.'

From AP/Yahoo News:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - The European Union said Tuesday it will resume vital fuel aid to the Gaza Strip's electric company, bringing a measure of relief to Palestinians who have sweltered at home or choked on generator smoke during five days of power outages.

The EU had suspended payments for the fuel that powers major Gaza electricity generators on Sunday, suspecting the strip's Hamas rulers were pocketing electricity revenues. On Tuesday, the bloc announced that fuel shipments to the power plant would resume the following day.
Every penny that Hamas is forced to spend on vital goods and services is a penny that doesn't find its way into the pocket of a terrorist. I think we should let bloody Saudi money buy off disgruntled Hamas voters--a policy that the EU seemed to agree if only for 24 hours.

h/t LGF

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