Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What this country needs is a lecture on race

The Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman incident is developing into national ugliness. We've had a killed minor, a contract taken out on the killer, mobs formed, the media exposed for its advocacy, allegedly committed retaliatory murders, allegedly committed retaliatory murder retaliation, a post-racial president stirring the racial pot, and perhaps a hot summer of discontent--all before the full facts of the case have ever been released.

This all got me thinking about race relations in this country and how Barack Obama was lifted up by his worshipers as being the man who could help heal all these wounds. One of his first moves as president was to nominate career race baiter Eric Holder as his Attorney General who lamented early on that America was afraid to have a conversation on race.

Well, perhaps Eric Holder was correct all along, though the reasons behind this fear is not quite as misunderstood as it was before Obama's coronation.

It is leftist ideologues like Holder himself that make having a conversation on race the firefight that it is. You see, Holder, as with many Obama minions, has waged a war on free speech in this country that is beginning to bear its bitter fruit. It has done so by redefining the meaning of language itself, molding words, co-opting contexts, and by helping to lift the burden of language altogether from the person who utters a comment onto the person who hears the comment.

Along with this shift of responsibility of the meaning of words from the speaker to the interpreter, the person who was so unfortunate as to have engaged in the conversation must then allow his words to be reinterpreted, stretched, morphed, reconstituted, adapted, and changed into a new meaning by which the interpreter himself is then allowed to vilify and castigate the speaker for a cynical interpretation that is the sole creation of the interpreter.

Well, who wouldn't be afraid to jump into a controversial topic if he has no control over the words he has spoken?

We should congratulate Eric Holder, Barack Obama, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, among others, for the difficulties we will forever experience should we ever be dumb enough to have a conversation about race in this country.

These conversations, supposedly pined for by Holder, aren't intended to be conversations in the first place. Holder has no large desire to discuss the frailties of our fractured culture and what we can do to break down divides as we all go about our daily lives. What Holder has in mind is for me to sit down and shut up and accept my white guilt and the responsibilities that come with it--or I can cling to my contrary opinions which should be kept to myself anyway because, well, racist!

America will remain largely afraid of this so-called conversation until it can be had honestly and openly. Until then it will simply be a lecture.

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