Friday, March 30, 2012

Internet Back Up

In case no one has noticed, the past few weeks have left the Earth disastrously absent of the Rougblog.

Living in the sticks of Northern Michigan, my only real option for a faster than molasses internet service is to tether my cell phone to the computer. Alas, the PdaNet driver became cobbled somehow a couple of weeks ago and I didn't have the time to tax myself silly over getting it straightened out. This event, though difficult to subsist through, will help casual readers to assign not only a relative value to all of my opinions (quite low) but also helps to illustrate my amazing computer skills (even lower.)

Over the next couple of days I'll get my thoughts down on the Treyvon Martin circus, on the SCOTUS's apparent cynicism toward Obamacare, and about the train wreck of a GOP whose best hope for electing a President this fall is precisely due to the fact that Obama himself is perhaps even more unelectable.

High gasoline prices. Check.

Obama delivering off-mic messages to Putin via Medvedev. Check.

A Mitt Romney staffer hinting at the campaign's desire to quickly get the nomination in the bag so that it can go about the business of cutting the conservative wing of the GOP loose while believing it can depend on its votes regardless. Check.

Another failed green energy company. Check.

All of these are simply different verses of the same old song. Give me a day or so to get back on pitch.

I'm guessing Monday.

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