Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Throw Pure Michigan a Bone

Michigan is surrounded by states hemorrhaging state legislators too atremble to cast votes inside their own state capitols. Yet none of these public servants have ventured inside the Great Lakes State for refuge.

Public servants, come to Michigan, we could use the added revenue to offset the Pure Michigan advertising campaign that obviously didn't appeal to you enough to get you into the UP or to St. Joseph.

I'm discouraged. Seventeen brave Democrats flee from Wisconsin heading for the state line and they end up at a Best Western in Illinois. Indiana's stalwart Democrat contingent heads for the border, splits up, and ends up halving its delegation between Illinois and Kentucky.

Don't these people get it? Michigan is THE union state! How better to support the union masses than to visit the state that first helped nudge this whole nation over a cliff by succumbing to unsustainable union demands?

Sure, Milwaukee teachers might be proud of their 46 percent graduation rate, but Detroit can beat that by nearly one in five! Indiana, you think you're in budget danger? Hah, in Michigan we've been raising taxes and fees on the innocent since Jennifer Granholm was good looking.

Only Ohio's delegation is left to choose a state to flee to.

Come on, we're Pure Michigan. Throw us a bone!

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