Thursday, February 24, 2011

Obama is an Idiot

From USA Today:

President Obama will challenge business and labor leaders today to generate ideas for creating jobs, sustaining the economic recovery and making America more competitive.

Obama will ask a new jobs council made up of business executives, labor leaders and economists how the government can change its tax, trade and regulatory policies to improve the business environment. The group meets for the first time today.
Never has a man been so daft when it comes to employment in the private sector.


Let businesses operate profitably and they will generate jobs as a result. They will need to hire employees to man the accounting department, to do research and development, and to get their products to market.

Jobs are a byproduct of profitability and wealth generation. They are not created to achieve wealth, and they are not the result of some master plan hatched in a secret room in Washington. The opposite is true. In the private sector, jobs must be justified continually for the integral value they provide in the generation of profit.

As such, the free market will be the final arbiter as to whether jobs are necessary. Jobs cannot be mandated upon businesses in a scheme to elevate the Dear Leader's perceived concern for millions collecting unemployment checks.

Jeffrey Immelt sits atop Obama's board of concern. He personifies the benevolence of Obama and His concern for His people. Sadly, Immelt is calculatedly sympathetic to Obama's ignorance when it comes to determining what a private business needs in order to survive. Immelt is a corporate welfare glutton eating from the extended hand of fascist government planners thrilled with their ability to pick and choose obedient winners.

Immelt is on board with Obama's agenda, and who wouldn't be given his position? His company can be guaranteed long term solvency as long as it agrees to tow the government's line. He can depend on perpetual favor from the benevolent government; favor that by definition hamstrings his competition.

So, Obama's assembled corporate business team meets ostensibly to determine what can be done to spur employment growth. The team's findings can then be presented to The Obama.

The non-starters are, of course, energy policy already in place designed to make energy cost prohibitive, environmental policy already in place designed to make it expensive to operate in a manner not approved by government authorities, labor policy already in place designed to make employees more expensive than they would be in non-coercive terms, fiscal policy already in place that has made capital difficult to obtain, and trade policy already in place designed to make domestic products more palatable by making foreign products unnecessarily expensive.

Of course, once you toss all of that out, Obama is ready to deal!

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