Thursday, December 02, 2010

Many in GOP Still Stupid on Ethanol

The wiser among us have been saying that ethanol is a hopeless endeavor to positively impact the environment. I know this for a fact because I have been saying it for some time.

It is also an endeavor that has accidentally caused food prices to rise, accidentally wasted precious water resources, accidentally lowered automobile efficiency, accidentally sucked billions of dollars out of the economy to keep heavily leveraged ethanol and corn producers viable, accidentally caused the starvation of millions of third world children, and accidentally, despite the blatherings of well intentioned bureaucrats that launched the programs and needlessly kept them operating for so many years, contributed to the increased spewing of one of the most lethal forms of greenhouse gas--that same one exhaled whenever an unfortunate human has the strength to gasp for another breath--CO2.

Even Algore recently admitted that the ethanol hoax that he had helped perpetrate (due to his inability to say no to the ethanol lobby) was ill founded. Now, if a skull as thick and densely packed as the cranium owned by that of one Albert Gore can get the picture, why cannot six Republican senators serving today grasp the same concept?

Why cannot these gentlemen, those supposedly grounded within the founding concepts of a political party dedicated to a smaller and less intrusive government, get the fact that when government hoists its own micro managerial constructs upon an otherwise fluid and efficient free market economy that what results is a mutated economic outcome amounting to a circus geek with dull eyes, a thickened forehead, and the nose of a chicken. (I used all the obvious facial features of Algore that I could think of.)

The tea party movement obviously has a long way to go if it is going to return sanity to a government so deeply leveraged into a failed bipartisan notion of liberal fascism.

I am going to continue to call myself an independent until the economically ignorant are either purged from the GOP, or until they decide to learn a thing or two. For which, I'm certain, they are bawling their eyes out.


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