Friday, June 11, 2010

Hope and Change: Milk Police Edition

The EPA desires to regulate the very gas we exhale as a pollutant. By classifying CO2 as a greenhouse gas it would grant our federal government unprecedented powers to regulate business, commerce and individuals to an extent that would get EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson's ass kicked by any one of the Founding Fathers had she the misfortune of making her case in the 1700s.

It appears as if Washington, Franklin, Hancock and Adams would have yet another reason to bruise the backsides of today's purveyors of the nannystate as the EPA makes strides toward classifying milk as a hazardous waste.

Believe it or not, according to Obama's legions in Washington, Elsie is spewing toxins out her udders. The Earth may never recover.


Barry said...

Cow spewed toxins - it does a body good :)

joven said...

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