Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Freedom Flotilla Blah Blah

Israel perhaps should have waited until the "Freedom Flotilla" exited international waters before they boarded the six vessels. This, however, would not have changed anything other than to deny fawning pro-terrorist factions the only thread of legitimate outrage it is now entitled to.

The second that the Mavi Marmara hit Israeli the IDF should have boarded the vessel brandishing more than paint balls. Film clips of the boarding clearly show flotilla peace activists wielding clubs and beating the boarding soldiers. Many of the activists are thought to have ties to pro-Islamic terrorist groups.

The reaction across the world is not surprising because, it seems, there is a vast majority of dopes on this Earth. Governments in Turkey, Spain, Britain, and elsewhere were quick to condemn Israel for its brutal tactics; tactics that included advance warnings, the soldiers boarding the ships with insufficient weaponry to protect themselves, and an offer by the government to transport the aid itself if the ships would offload their cargoes at the Israeli port of Ashdod.

But had the activists accepted such maneuverings they would have had difficulty creating the public relations coup that pro Palestinian propagandists desire and that self-loathing Jews and other international Jew-haters habitually swallow. If this was not the case, why didn't the flotilla try and deliver the aid through Egyptian authorities who also have put strict rules of passage onto the terrorist state in Gaza?

Quickly stepping to the condemnation plate was the Christian Peacemaker Teams website where an activist opined that

The only difference between this tragedy and a terrorist attack is that this was committed by a government that is politically and financially supported by the victims' own countries.

Even in the US it is more than expected by travelers to have luggage rummaged through at the border. This is routinely done to limit contraband into the country. Why should terrorist sympathizers be held to a lower standard than the US holds white haired grandmas traveling from Kitchener to Detroit?

This was pure and simply a public relations stunt seeking to stir up anti-Israel attitudes among people that already hold Israel in contempt. Only after the Jewish state ceases to exist in toto will there be lasting peace in Palestine. Well, that and after the whole Sunni-Shiite score is settled. Oh, and lets not forget that distasteful infidel thing.

Then we can all sit back and relax peacefully while scores are settled in Kashmir, Sumatra, Egypt, Thailand, Chechnya, Nepal, China, Spain, India, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria, Paris, London, and at Fort Hood.

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