Friday, August 29, 2008

VP Stakes

There is still some debate this morning as to whom John McCain will select to carry the banner of the Republicans over the election cycle that will follow a McCain term(s) as President (if there is such a term.)

The three most often mentioned are Alaska Governor Palin, former Massachusetts Governor Romney, and Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota.

McCain is not an ideal Republican candidate, in fact, most Republicans that I know will only support McCain because he appears to be so much better than the Democrat alternative, a uber-liberal egoist with no experience, historical understanding, or reasoned initiatives other than an old socialist chestnut.

McCain can be accepted by many conservatives because they know that his political maverick leanings will be largely rebuffed by a bitter Democratic congress too angry to reach across the aisle to accept any maverick morsels. They also will have another election to worry about only four years from now, and they aren't about to jettison its chances of success by getting too chummy with McCain in the White House.

So, the big three nominee prospects for the Republican VP, it could be argued, are even more important to the long term survival of the once conservative party than is McCain himself. If McCain can be trusted to "do no harm" by conservatives, the next carrier of the banner might be someone that can do some good.

Of the three I think that Pawlenty makes the most political sense followed closely by Romney. Palin, though reasonably conservative, is unfortunate to be from the electoral tundra of Alaska making her choice, and the electoral vote harvest that might follow, less attractive.

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