Friday, April 08, 2011


I'm not lamenting the fact that the US government might be shutting down non-essential portions as we speak.

The democrats feel that they can score a political victory if the GOP forces a government services stoppage. They know they can find many sympathetic victims of a shut down. In 1996, Bill Clinton was able to find a just such a soul whose paychecks stopped when the government laid him off. Richard Dean, an employee of the social security administration escaped the smoldering wreckage of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City after an atheist leftist blew it up.

The man was indeed a hero. After escaping, Dean ventured back inside the unstable rubble and helped save three lives--knowing that each moment he toiled might be the last moment that he spent on Earth.

Bill Clinton took that sympathetic Richard Dean story and hung it around the necks of Republicans. Harry Reid believes he can do the same thing this time.

Establishment Republicans, those who have been accomplices to the financial crime being committed on America by the government, know that the only excitement within their political party comes from the tea party people. They know too that the tea party will not quietly accept another compromise between the likes of John Boehner and the perpetually sad Harry Reid.

Pop some popcorn!

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