Monday, January 10, 2011

Casting Blame

If we are being encouraged to believe that Sarah Palin and guns are somehow to blame for the shooting spree in Arizona, why is it such a stretch to blame progressives for the violence?

After all, the murderer was an avowed leftist and anarchist who listed among his favorite books Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto. (That would be fascist and communist for those keeping charge--two socialist bents not at all similar to the calls of freedom and individual rights being made by tea party advocates today.)

If one side does it, why cannot the other?

Well, the truth is that one person alone carries the blame for this event and I'm not going to get stuck in the tit-for-tat games of politicians and pundits who refuse to let any tragedy pass without taking political advantage.

As easy as it would be to rant and rave about how such tragedy could have been avoided if only politicians would be kinder and gentler during political discourse, the fact remains that a paranoid schizophrenic (particularly one with an altar to the devil outside in his back yard) marches only to the beat of the unkind drums that hammer away within his own sick skull.

I am not going to blame anyone for this event other than the single brazen asshole who took a gun to a political meet and greet and fired shots that either killed or wounded twenty innocent individuals.

To do anything else is simply stupid.

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