Friday, August 13, 2010

Intenet Absence Creates Windfall

In an effort to trim back my personal finances amid the ruins of Michigan's Granholm depression, I made the difficult decision of canceling my internet account. I wisely discerned that I still had internet access at my on-again off-again employer and since I was already spending too much time jabbering about control freak socialists wanting to control my every movement for the purpose of making my life more healthy and enjoyable, I could afford some time away.

Alas, I have finally come to what should have been an obvious conclusion six weeks ago when I made that move of pure genius--that conducting a job search without internet access is next to impossible.

I suppose I should be thankful to progressive visionaries such as Al Gore who were so instrumental in developing our world wide web. At least with the 'tubes we victims of the economy that the likes of Gore worked so hard to create and sustain (Go Cap and Trade!) are able to seek out work in locations far away from the children we love, raised, and are loathe to leave.

In other excellent news, in the six weeks I was separated from my dial up account I saved about $18. To get reconnected to the internet I had to pay a reconnect fee of $15.

Three bucks saved.


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Jason Gillman said...

Was working a booth at the fair for the local GOP, and some folks came by and talked about removing their CABLE TV, but they kept their internet..

Nowadays, I guess that is a proper ordering of importance.